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Water and powder mixer

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Product introduction

Water and powder mixing machine stirs fully the powder material and liquid with impeller rotating in high speed, and puts out the mixture required. The highest temperature of the machine is 80 degree, is especially suitable to produce dairy products of milk remade, such as: suitable to mix milk powder, whey powder, dextrin powder etc with liquid, also is used to manufacture syrup and others drinks. It makes liquid and material mixed quickly so as toachieve the ideal benefit. It is one of the important equipments in foodstuff and drink industry.

Product introduction

The equipment is applicable to manual packaging orautomatic feeding of products in the packaging workshop of cosmetic plant, pharmacy plant, foodstuff and drink plant etc; the plank of the whole machine is assembled with aluminium alloy section bar; the tableboard is made for stainless steel; the leather belt adopts light PVC or PU belt; the line speed adopts the stepless timing; the shape is handsome; the pattern is novel; transmission is balanced, operation is convenient.

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