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Pipeline type high-shear dispersion emulsifier

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Product introduction

Pipeline high-cutting dispersal emulsification machine is a high- capability equipment producing and circularly treating refined material. There are 1-3 groups of occlusal multilayer stators and rotors in the limited cavity. The rotors circumrotate in a high speed by the motor driving and bring driving suction, which draws the material into the cavity. In the least time, the material is dispersed, cut and emulsified. Thedistributingscaleofgains becomes narrower. The refined steady products are produced. The capability is large,so it is fit to continuously produce in the production line. The distributing noise and saves time and energy resources and runs smoothly, so it can scale of gains is narrow and it has high evenness, high efficiency, low- clear up the difference of the products of different batches.100% material is dispersed and cut, which hasthe capability ofshort-hau l and low-lift feeding. It is used and repaired easily and can realize automatic control.

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