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Centrifugal vortex emulsifier

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Product introduction

It works by the electric motor's running quickly to start the head shaft, and the head shaft runs the emulsify wings in the groove,so that the fluid of the groove are absorbed to the ring like groove through the div-ersion blade of the upsides and downsides of the groove, andthe fluid rotates the blades quickly through the heed shaft; and make the high-frequency force from the limited space of the blade and thegroovetocut,shearandcrush,to discharging and squeeze bythe high rotating of the blade sustain the cycle mix, so that the even emulsion can be done in the short time..

Notes during installation

1, the machine of machine length (L) size for the standard length, if must be extended or shorten will be separately with manufacturing.

2, the best position selection of mechanical length for emulsification

3, emulsifying machine please reference: the selected capacity, the box slot in effective liquid surface 60% for best deeply.viscosity, the processing time, reaction temperature, purpose, address the company business department.

4, emulsifying machine ba-alloyed bearing the water since embellish type bearings, forbidden liquid below the water bearings with, to avoid creating start-up equipment bearing damaged.

5, correct parameters to provide the kind prevail, data such as are subject to change without prior notice.

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