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Fermentation Tank

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The fermentation of dairy products、alcohol is process of steriliza-tion and non- pllution.The TianFu fermentation tank adopt sterilization system to avoid the pollution from microbe in the air so as to prolong the time of preserving freshness and ensure the purity of the products .We specially design and in stall sterilization breath hole or sterilization positive pressure fermentation system. On the tank body install MiLo board or labyrinth type clamp cover, which can conta in heating or cooling medium to heat or cool cyclically.The capacity varies from 300-15000L. .Additional Device .Stirrer(multi-speedor variable-speed) .Inlet and outlet of material .Man input hole .Thermometer .Sterilization breath hole .Sterilization sampling hole .Inlet and outlet of hot and cold water .CIP clean

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