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Upside-down taper extraction system

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This patented technology adopts and inverse the cone-shaped extraction pot and circulates heating outside systematically, compared with the situation that traditional multi-function extract pot and system following: 1.Inverse cone-shaped structural design, not only obtain material to be design make can produce , extract material " short out" phenomenon convenient, but also saving the labour. Not merely, cone-shaped 2.The outside heating system is to heat the clear liquid extracted, thus efficiency of extracting greatly . of liquid in the course of extracting at the same time,so can improve the prevented the tradition from extracting the pot and adopting the brought, have guaranteed to extract the quality of the liquid. phenomenon which inserts a set of supplies coking heated and 3.Force outside circulate extract, and density to extract liquid poor to minimize so as to extract supplies in outside the course, have phenomenon of the pot by stiring, so as to extract efficiency higher at not merely prevented the tradition from extracting the paste the same time. Generally speaking, adopt extract pot and extract system go on extract, to the same raw materials originally, under certain conditionof extracting rate , can shorten extract time about 30---60%.

Extract pot and extract system can meet all firm liquid extract need originally, applicable one is very extensive. Forexample can be used the extraction of the effective composition in the following supplies:Sea-buckthorn; Absinthium; Agrimony; Hollyhock; Anise; Gold car; Sweet orange ; Sugar Beet; Birch; Pot marigold; Motherchrysanthemum; Cola nut; Hawthorn ; Brier; Equisetum; Coltsfoot; Hops; Hackmatack; Icelandic moss; Licorice root; High mallow; Herba Fennel ; Bark of Lee of mouse of Europe; Rough gentian; Hibiscus; belongs to the plant; Protect plants in spring; Treat the lung grass; flower; Passionflower ; Leaves come out in front of train; The knotweed Schizonepetae of Yunnan; Peppermint; Ou Die grass; Awn handle Rosemary; Willow wood; Salvia; Erberry; Rush down leaf; One is virgin; Xun isrough ; Bear's berry; Xie grass; Mao Rui flower ,etc.. Dandelion; Red tea; Green tea; Thyme; The linden belongs to the plant; concentrating according to the request of different needs, Our company can also offer corresponding related divide carrying and refined apparatus . All apparatus adopt the stainless steel to be made, can meet the requirement for GMP.

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