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Dry type granulator

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Working principle and features of dry type granulator

(2.1). Working Principle: Pouring the dry powder material(western medicine or traditional chinese medicine downward rotating feeding material by the abnormity uneaually spaced cone-shaped screw to form the extract) which has been mixed and with a certin crystal waterinto the cone-shaped hopper, through the precompress, make the material to be compressed, degassed, and evenly distributed on the surface of two squeeze thrust, the process first squeeze into the thin slice, then cut up , last to the granulation roller to oscillating sheaves, to the occlusion area, then gripped by the two oscillating sheaves which can adjust the granulating.

(2.2). Design Features of the Equipment:

a. A reasonable design of feed (raw material) inlet, can achieve the manual/automatic vacuum feeding, and equipped with material position tecting device.

b. All slewing axis have adopted the hermetic seal device.

c. Adopt the feeding device of vertical abnormity uneaually spaced cone-shaped screw.

d. Roller water circulation cooling can use the ordinary water cooling/ice water of chiller unit forced cooling.

e. Reasonable surface designof roller: traditional chinese medicine /western medicine /universal

f. Side seal design for No-wear.

g. Roller transmission use the design of close drive structure.

h. A reasonable design of lubrication system.

i. Advanced and reasonable design of granulating system.

j. Reasonable design of hydraulic system.

k. PLC control/PID can be realized automatically track for automatic speed control.

l. The entire machine is easy to dismantle and clean, reasonable design of hermetically sealed construction of hood inside and outside. Full compliance with the GMP design requirements.

Advantages and development trend of dry type granulating process in the production of medicines

1.1 Powder Stock western medicine or traditional chinese medicine extractive powder grain diameter, uneven density, poor of liquidity, easy stratifying. (spray drying, freeze drying), all exist the characteristics of different sizes of Therefore, to deal with the characteristics of these materials, must through a key Component Process to granulating , then can smoothly to start the next process:

⑴ Squash

⑵Capsule Filled With

⑶Kernel Packaging. use the Oscillating Granulator to granulating. At present this method still That is the trough the mixer blender to mix the wet "soft material" , and then

⑴The first is the traditional method of Wet-Process Granulation 1.2 Current there are four methods to solve the Granulating Treatment adopted by some manufacturers, but such equipment exist many problems as certification is not recognized. mixing uneven, not wash clean, seal is not good and oil leaking, also GMP

⑵The second is the new Wet-Process Mixing Granulation That is the efficient Wet Mixed Granulator to granulating, use the mixed-agitating valve to agitate and cutting of high speed cutter knife to make the wet "soft wood" , the particles done need for drying, and the wet particles, the distribution range of particlesis are uneven, large of thin powdered pellets,thegeneral squash or the oscillating granulator by capsules filled to granulating

⑶The third method is One Step Boiling Granulation again, drying after finish.This method also belongs to the wet-process granulation, the same suchequipment have the greatest shortcomings: high energy consumption, longon the above three methods.

⑷ The fourth is a new One-Step Dry Granulating method developped based granulating time.principle of machine extrusion, direct to compress the powderstock →forming This method is use the crystallization water of materials itself, relying on the

→crushing →granulating, the method which can continuous granulating with

energy-saving, easy operation and low cost. For the dry-process granulation

in many areas: compare with the above wet-process granulation has the obvious advantages

a. Dry Granulating compare with the Wet-Process Granulating has the advantages of less use of equipment 、 less cost of maintenance charge. less b. For the Dry Granulating compare with the Wet-Process Granulating has the of cover area, and less cost of manufacturing charge. advantages of simple processing technology, thus reduce the link of GMP proof. c. The Dry Granulating compare with the Wet-Process Granulating has the any additive and adhesive; the particles of products are uniform sizes after biggest advantage of lower energy consumption; granulating not need add granulation; high stacking density; good flow propertiy; some drugs which water or alcohol can't dissolve,or the antibiotics,drugs with strong heat- sensitive fear of heating, proportion of extract of chinese medicine can meet completed by the Dry-Process Granulation Technics. the requirements, can not add the adhesive or accessory drugs, must be Above, the Dry-Process Granulation Technics now is gradually adopted by the

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