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Product introduction

Water-bath bi-directional stirring melting glue tank is the main complete set of equipment in process of melting glue, preparation, vacuum and condensation etc. The mode of stirring adopts bi-directional multilayer distributary stirring, the structure is compact, the transmission is balanced, the capability is stable; having the strong point such as stirring material equably, accelerating heating quickly and equably; the temperature can be controlled stably; can be up melting glue etc. The mode of heating adopts water-bath with circular hot water, to the best temperature for melting glue, improving the quality of glue liquid, and shortening the temperature for melting glue. The equipment is made for stainless steel, having following three layers structure e.g.: bladder, sandwich sheath, heat preservation layer; the bladder is close, it can bear positive and negative pressure to output or feeding, the tank is equipped with thermometer, vacuum manometer, stirring axletree, manhole, lamp, aerophore etc; all parts touched by material adopt the sanitary mirror polishing, having somestrongpoint such as cleaning easily, antisepticising, anti-acid etc; it completely conforms to GMP, and is the ideal equipment for melting glue and matching material in domestic and overseas capsule pharmacy industry recently.

Technique function

secondary pollution in warehousing and transportation from, have ability of stiring, This Product is all kinds of medicines ideal the middle store the pot, can prevent the able to bear press, flexible, in usage antiseptic, use agility, vacuum suck material, extrude material, wash conveniently such as being function.

Structure and parameter

Volume: Customization;The pot has body: Structure of three layers, by sequ-entially inside for gallbladders interior, middle gallbladder, heat preservation and dustcoat; Top cover: Can open and cover to seal ;The top: Charging valve , dustproof respirator , illumination look at the mirror; Around: The hot water imports andexports of cold, there are manual ball valves;Bottom: Furnished with the angle valve, a temperature transducer, lower wheel of six univesal feet , allocate the braking device. Stir and adjust the speed variably frequently machinery slow speed. Exposed to the surface 316L , Ra<0.4& micro the polishing with the supplies; mIt is 304 not to exposed to the surface with the supplies, Ra<0.8& micro the body polishing of the pot; mAirproof material is VITON. The heat preservation is adopted: Rock cotton.All electric apparatuses of apparatu in order to set up waterproofly

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