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Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine

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Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine

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Product introduction

Basing on absorbing foreign advanced this kind of equipments, according to the request and fact of home filling quipments, our company designs and develops TFGFJ-60 automatic filling and sealing machine. The machine has novel design, compact structure, many functions and easily operate in order to satisfy the needs of home users of medicine, grocery and industrial consumer goods, which is more perfect tube in home. The equipment has 30L funnel, which can debug filling equipment, successfully pour mushy, cream and mucous material in the tube, complete filling, painting and sealing of metal, plastics and lamination packing through heat seal andautomatically complete the filling procedure.

Main technique parameter

1. Production speed: aluminum tube 3600/h plastic tube:

2400/h2. Volume of material barrel: 30L

3. Scale of filling: 3-120 g/per

4. Filling precision: ≤+1%

5. Diameter of tube: Φ12-30mm

6. Fitting electric motor: 380V/50HZ 1.1KW

7. Size: 2000×750×1800mm8. Weight: 800KG

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