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Performance of filling and sealing machine

Performance of filling and sealing machine

Filling and sealing machine adopts closed and semi-closed filling paste, liquid, sealing no leakage, filling weight, capacity consistency, filling, sealing, printing once completed, suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other fields of product packaging. Such as: dermatitis, ointment, hair dye, toothpaste, shoe polish, adhesive, AB glue, epoxy glue, neoprene glue and other materials filling and sealing door. It is an ideal, practical and economical filling equipment for pharmaceutical, daily chemical and fine chemical industries.

Usage performance:
1, the transmission part is closed below the platform, safe and reliable, and no pollution;
2. The filling end part is installed in the semi-enclosed non-static outer frame visible cover above the platform, which is easy to observe, operate and maintain. 3, PLC control, man-machine conversation interface;
4, the turntable is driven by cam, with high speed and high accuracy;
5. Slant-hanging type pipe silo with vacuum adsorption device to ensure the automatic pipe feeding into the pipe seat;
6. Photoelectric calibration workstation, with high-precision probe, stepping motor and other control hose patterns in the correct position;
7, the filling mouth is equipped with a broken material mechanism to ensure the filling quality;
8. No tube or no filling;
9. Seal the tail by (Leister hot air gun) inside the tube tail heating, external configuration cooling cooling device;
10, typing workstation automatically print the character code in the location of the process requirements;
11. The right end of the shear hose of the shaping manipulator is selected as a right angle or fillet;
12, failure protection, no tube alarm, door opening and shutting down, overload stop;
13, counting and quantitative shutdown.